Mine for the gold in everyone

About Us

Alexander Hamilton Elementary School

Mine for the GOLD in everyone!
The Alexander Hamilton Community promises to provide all members the opportunity to become caring, dedicated, lifelong learners who strive for individual success and who grow to be responsible, free thinking citizens.


 Guiding Principles


  •  Stand for excellence. 

We are committed to promoting excellence for every individual. We commit ourselves to high standards as a caring, unified community.

  •  Generate and maintain supportive, collaborative relationships.

 We cooperate and collaborate by embracing teamwork and fostering partnerships. We commit to communication that informs, empowers and fosters effective relationships to develop our learning community.

  • Create a community of lifelong learners.

We recognize that opportunities for learning are continual. We seek opportunities that promote each of us as both a teacher and a student.

  •  Value and celebrate many paths to and forms of success.

We all learn differently, we reach goals in a variety of ways and we succeed in many forms and arenas.

  •  Identify, build on, and appreciate the strengths in everyone.

We are committed to discovering the strengths and supporting the growth of everyone. Recognition and appreciation of every individual's strength empowers respect and self esteem for all.

  • Contribute to the community as responsible, free thinking citizens.

We prepare our children for life as informed, involved citizens. Effective contributors apply what they learn to participate and succeed within a democratic society.